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Top 10 Home Security Tips from Madison, AL Police Dept.

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October 6, 2011
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Top 10 Home Security Tips from Madison, AL Police Dept.

There are plenty of posts with home security tips out there: most alarm companies with an online presence offer one (or they should!), and there is understandably a fair bit of repetition and overlap. But every now and then I see a list from a credible source that is worth sharing, which is just what this post represents: a great list of home security tips. But you’ll like this one, offered by the Madison, AL Police Department. The tips are in bold - the comments are mine!

  1. Lock your homes, to include windows. This should go without saying – but an embarrassing percentage of burglaries occur through an open door or window.
  2. Lower garage doors, even in the evenings when you are home. Hey – I just posted on this yesterday!
  3. Turn on alarms. My personal favorite, as you can imagine. Again, too many burglaries happen in homes with alarm systems that are not armed. And, make sure you have safer cellular monitoring where a cut phone line won't leave you vulnerable.
  4. Work with neighbors to develop a safety and security plan to watch each others' property, exchange contact information. Great suggestion. The “list serve” in our community doubles as a neighborhood watch network.
  5. When purchasing new electronics, break the boxes down when disposing of them. Do not leave them intact at the road for collection. Why tell burglars what’s there to steal? They are watching!
  6. Contact the Madison Police Department as soon as you see or hear suspicious activity in your area. As a resident, you know better than anyone what should or shouldn't be happening around your home. Always great advice. Police always like to catch burglars in the act.
  7. Contact the Madison Police Department as soon as you become aware of criminal activity or realize that you are a victim of criminal activity. The sooner we get fresh information regarding criminal activity, the more likely that we can solve the crime. Also good advice. See #6!
  8. Record all serial numbers that are on your valuables and keep them in a safe location. Should you become the victim of theft, these identifying numbers will assist officers/detectives in efforts to recover stolen property or identify offenders. True story: my son had his PC stolen at school. With the serial #, they were able to locate it at a local pawn shop, which lead to the arrest of the thief.
  9. Do not attempt to apprehend or track down suspects. Pass what information you have on to the police as soon as you are aware of it. This reinforces my frequent posts on the danger of confronting burglars in your home. The police want to do their job, and would much rather work on a burglary than a homicide.
  10. While on vacation, you may be eligible for either Patrol Frequencies or Vacation Checks. These forms are available at the Madison Police Department in the Records Division. Check with your police department. With the holidays approaching, and travel in your plans, this is a great recommendation.

There you have them: 10 more security tips with a different twist. You may want to compare them to the FrontPoint Top 10 List. FrontPoint is the recognized leader for combining the most advanced wireless home security and home automation services. Whether it’s cellular monitoring, notifications and remote arming, video features, or using apps to control lights, locks, and thermostats, FrontPoint has the solution. We provide systems that are safer, smarter, simpler, more affordable, and virtually impossible to defeat – that’s why FrontPoint is the #1 ranked alarm company in the US.  Your safety is our business.

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