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Top 5 Reasons Why Setting up Your Own Home Alarm System Makes Sense

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April 10, 2012
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Top 5 Reasons Why Setting up Your Own Home Alarm System Makes Sense

Alarm systems have evolved, and today the best companies offer “next-generation” features that give you a lot more. These systems are more reliable and user-friendly, and may even cost less, and look at what they can do:

  • Remote arm/disarm
  • Text and email event notifications
  • Free mobile apps
  • On-demand and motion-activated video services
  • Remote control of lights, locks, and thermostats

All of this is great news for you, the end-user. Today I want to talk about a more recent development, limited to only a very few alarm companies, and that is finding all this peace of mind from a home alarm system that you set up yourself in half an hour.

Defining Easy Setup

First, let’s be clear on what I mean by setting it up yourself. I like the term “easy setup” instead of “DIY” (Do It Yourself) in this context: to me, DIY sounds like a home renovation, such as adding a deck, or tiling a bathroom. DIY isn’t necessarily easy, and usually requires tools and some skill. No, I’m talking about truly easy setup. With these new alarm systems (and FrontPoint is a great example), you get a remarkably simple and painless process, where no tools are required and all the programming is done for you in advance.

It Really can be Simple

Today we’re all setting up modems and routers in our homes, and firing up our new computers in minutes – because smart product and service providers have made these tasks easy. Modern technology allows people who can follow basic instructions to do things that we would have thought unlikely (or impossible!) just a few years ago. I have even seen a prediction from a highly respected trend-watching source that over the next five to ten years, self-installed alarm systems will catch (and may even pass) the inconvenient “old school” method of having an installer come to your home. So, here are the top five reasons why more people are setting up their own alarm system for peace of mind – in as little as half an hour.

  1. Your Convenience & Safety: it’s bad enough that you have to schedule a 4-hour “window” and hope a technician shows up. Even worse, you never know who it is that’s coming into your home. Today, most people don’t want strangers in their residences, whether it’s an aggressive door-knocking salesperson, or a technician whose time is going to cost you money.
  2. Wireless Sensors Work: most systems being installed today, even by technicians, are based on these wireless sensors. You can monitor everything in your home: doors and windows, motion, glass breakage, fire, carbon monoxide, garage doors, water/flood, and even low temperature. These sensors communicate wirelessly to the control panel, and are regularly monitored for consistent operation and even battery life - imagine batteries that last 4-5 years, then tell you when it's time to change them! We program the sensors into your system – and even a child can put them up in minutes with the included double-sided tape. Now that’s convenience!
  3. Safer Cellular Monitoring: the best systems use a built-in cellular radio instead of a phone line to send the alarm to the monitoring center. That means no wiring for you – and no vulnerable phone line for a burglar to cut. Also, avoid the Internet-based alarm systems – they are just as vulnerable to a line cut as your phone line, plus you may have issues when you lose power or lose your Internet connection. Cellular monitoring should be the core of any alarm system, especially easy install.
  4. Programming & Remote Support: the system should be fully programmed when it arrives: no assembly required, or programming. That's right - today’s easy setup should be a true “plug & play” solution. And, the best companies (like FrontPoint) can access your system remotely to confirm it’s all working when you’re done – plus troubleshoot any issues should they arise. Expect world-class support and people who care about your protection: you deserve it.
  5. Adding and Moving Flexibility: you can add sensors to these systems at any time. Life safety monitoring? That should increase your insurance discount. Environmental conditions? We monitor them too. You want a system that grows with you, one that you can even move with you to your next home. And remember: look for the service providers with the best reputations – and the best prices for additional equipment.

Pretty compelling, right? A system that not only does more for you, but that you can set up in minutes, by yourself, on your schedule. You can also add to it at any time, and it even moves with you. That's a FrontPoint system. FrontPoint is the leader in interactive, wireless security systems, and has led the way with the easiest setup in the alarm industry. We even have a short video that shows how easy it is to set up a FrontPoint system – and here is an easy link so you can check us out. You can also find plenty of on-line reviews by customers on just how easy it can be. When you think peace of mind, think FrontPoint the #1 ranked alarm company in the US.


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