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Get a FREE Indoor Camera*

and get more connected with your loved ones:

The SafeHouse Package

and get more connected with your loved ones:

1x Frontpoint Hub & Keypad

2x Door & Window Sensors

1x Motion Sensor

FREE Doorbell Camera

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Our Lifetime Security!
Our Lifetime Security!
Frontpoint has been our choice for wireless worry free home security for 4 years. After being employed by a major competitor security sales company, I could honestly say I was impressed. The cost, flexibility of the system, and total mobility with our recent move are primary factors in our being permanent customers. Never had a break in probably due to the yard sign and window stickers. Most importantly the few times I accidentally tested the system ther was an immediate response. After Hurricane Michael, the batter backup and cellular connection kept us safe when we were away. Thanks to Frontpoint we are worry free. P.S. get the cameras!
Kevin Cordell
Frontpoint Customer
Peace of Mine, Feel Safe, and Trust
Peace of Mine, Feel Safe, and Trust
I have the Front Point Security System in my home which is like having a professional security guard on duty. As you are aware most security guards are responsible for maintaining the safety of premises, which Front Point Security does. In my opinion Front Point has a strong and accurate alarm system and surveillance system. My household depend extremely on the Front Point Systems’ performance to keep our home, and family safe at all times. It’s important for our family to have a peace of mine, to be completely at ease, to feel safe, and know that we can trust the right security company to fit our need. I would also like to commend Front Point Security for its excellent customer service and their expertise for assisting our family with remotely setting up the security system, and staying on the phone patiently waiting until the equipment was set up property, tested, run smoothly, and put our minds at ease by answering any questions or concerns. Front Point Security is a wonderful company who stands on its integrity, and respect for it's customers.
Norene French
Frontpoint Customer
I chose this system because it's…
I chose this system because it's…
I chose this system because it's cellular based and not wifi which gives me peace of mind if the wifi goes out or power. I have also had a great experience getting all my items set up with the customer service reps; they were very easy to work with. If my alarm is tripped, I know I am protected because I get an alert on the app (which is also great and easy to use) and I also get a call. This is exactly what I needed/wanted.
Cherie Meguess
Frontpoint Customer



  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Easy DIY Set-Up
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Mobile App Control
Security that Fits Your Needs

The Hub Is The Heart Of The System

Exclusive Frontpoint Hub and Keypad

The Frontpoint Hub and Keypad run on a 100% cellular connection with a built-in WiFi backup. There are no phone lines for burglars to cut and your system is smash-proof. So even if it's destroyed during a break-in, the alarm still goes through to our monitoring centers. Plus, powerful encryption protects against even the most sophisticated hackers.

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The New Standard in Home Security and Home Automation

The Frontpoint Hub is built with the most sophisticated technology available today. And it's the only device of its kind that can transform your home into a safer, smart home right out of the box.


The Frontpoint App

Our mobile app makes it easy to always keep an eye on your home. You can customize notifications, so if anything out of the ordinary happens, the Frontpoint Mobile App notifies you right away. You can even check on our kids or pets by streaming live video footage with two-way audio from anywhere.

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One screen does it all

Monitor and control your entire home security system with just your smartphone. You can even see who's arming/disarming your system, and get an alert when either action occurs and also when you've left the house without setting it.


Intrusion and Environmental Sensors

Your first line of defense against break-ins and environmental hazards—sensors are easy to install throughout your home. The minute any of the sensors are triggered, you, the control panel, and the monitoring center will all be alerted.

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Versatile Sensors Adapt to Your Home

Smart home security goes beyond protection from intruders. Environmental sensors keep you informed of any changes in smoke, heat, water, and CO levels in your home. Bonus Tip: sensors can be placed on more than just your windows and doors. Use them on cabinets and drawers too—keeping kids and teenages away from potential dangers.



Seeing is believing. And with our range of cameras, you can see as much as you’d like within your home. Plus, you can stream live video on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, as well as save recorded clips to view later.

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Stay Connected

Steam live footage on any mobile device or PC anytime, anywhere. No time to watch? No problem. When the system detects motion and records a clip, you'll receive an alert so you know there's something to review.


Home Automation

Save yourself time, headaches, and money with our automated controls. You can automate your lights, door locks, and thermostat simply and easily with these features.

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No Waiting Around

Forgot to leave a friend a key with a friend while you're away or that you were expecting a visitor? You can simply share a new code with them, so there's no waiting for you to arrive and let them in. That way you'll always know exactly who is locking and unlocking your home.

24/7 Monitoring

Interactive Plan

Protection Plan
  • Crash & Smash Protection
  • Email & Text Alerts
  • Remote Access & Control
  • Geo Services

Ultimate Plan

Interactive Plan
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Motion-Activated Alerts
  • HD & Night Vision Capabilities
  • Automated Door Locks
  • Light Controls
  • Energy Management Control
Plan Features
Features Professional Monitoring
100% Wireless & Cellular
24/7 Professional Monitoring
Automated System Check
Crash and Smash Protection
Expandable and Portable
Geo-location Services
Mobile Alert and Notifications via Email and Text
Remote Access and Control
Sensor History
Unique User Codes
Remote Access and Control
Motion Triggered Alerts
Night Vision Enabled
Light Control
Live Video Streaming
Smart Lock Control
Video and Image History

Frontpoint vs. The Other Guys

Features frontpointfrontpoint Traditional
Simple DIY
Professional Monitoring green-tick grey-tick Optional
Spotless Privacy Track Record green-tick grey-cross grey-cross
Fire, Water + Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Included green-tick grey-cross Optional
Smash-Proof Technology green-tick grey-cross grey-cross
100% Pre-programmed to Work Right out of the Box green-tick grey-cross grey-cross
Highly-Customized Smartphone Notifications green-tick grey-cross grey-cross
Works with Alexa, Google Home green-tick grey-cross grey-tick
Home Automation Fully-Integrated in One App green-tick Optional grey-cross
Intelligent Video green-tick grey-cross grey-cross

Peace of Mind
with the Nation's
Home Security

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