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Door/Window Sensor


Strengthen your home’s door and window security with these small, but mighty sensors. You’ll always know if an entrance is exposed. Accidentally left a door or window open? Potential break in? Your sensors are on it. They’ll immediately send a wireless signal to your Frontpoint Hub, triggering a high-decibel alarm that you — and any intruders — won’t miss. You’ll also receive an instant security alert on your smartphone via the Frontpoint mobile app.

Home security tip: Our Door & Window Sensors are so small and versatile, many Frontpoint customers find other great uses for them: like securing kitchen & medicine cabinets, jewelry boxes — virtually any enclosure you want to protect from prying hands.


  • Completely wireless
  • Triggers a high-decibel alarm
  • Up to 5-year battery life
  • Installs in seconds
  • Works with Frontpoint mobile app


Frontpoint Wireless Door & Window Sensors are an essential part of every Frontpoint home security system. Built-in smart technology lets them easily connect wirelessly to the Frontpoint Hub.


Simple, do-it-yourself installation in seconds. No tools, drilling or wiring required. Simply stick the sensors right to your door or window frame. They’re so small, you might not even notice them.


The Frontpoint mobile app lets you control your Door & Window Sensors with your mobile device. Turn them on when you’re heading out or just heading up to bed. Then turn them off when you’re opening a window to let in some fresh air. You can even check the sensor’s battery status right through the app. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

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