Outdoor Smart Plug

Make outdoor lighting and plug-in appliances smart by connecting them to the Outdoor Smart Plug. Control devices from anywhere using your mobile device.

Create custom scenes, rules, or scheduled time events to occur automatically. Save energy by scheduling your outdoor lights or appliances to power on and off as needed.

The weather and impact resistant design allows the plug to consistently operate in outdoor conditions.

Home security tip: In conjunction with your Outdoor Camera, program the Outdoor Smart Plug to turn on any connected device (such as outdoor lighting) when a person is detected.


  • Z-Wave controlled single AC outlet
  • Controlled remotely with the Frontpoint mobile app or locally with an ON/OFF button
  • Include in custom scenes and rules in Frontpoint mobile app
  • Add to automated schedules to power on or off through MyFrontpoint.com
  • Supports functionality of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands
  • Doubles as a range extender for other Z-Wave devices
  • Weather and impact resistant construction
  • Outdoor mounting for space efficiency and safety
  • Range: Up to 30 feet from Hub or closest Z-Wave device
  • Dimensions: 1.63” high x 3.4” long x 2.55” wide
  • Load Capacity: 600W (incandescent); 1800W (15A) Resistive or ½ HP Motor 


The Outdoor Smart Plug comes pre-programmed to sync with your Frontpoint Hub, right out of the box.


Plug the device into a GFCI rated outdoor outlet or any indoor outlet. Just like that, automation at your fingertips! Screws and anchors are also included for more secure mounting, if desired.


Get creative and upgrade your outdoor space! Remotely control a wide range of devices, such as outdoor lighting, sprinkler systems, garden accessories, fans, heaters and more.

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