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Learn more about just how easy it is to set up your Frontpoint system and service.

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Secure Your Home in Just 5 Easy Steps!


Set up your Control Panel

  • We preconfigure the Control Panel to all your sensors
  • Plug the Control Panel into the wall
Touch-screen control panel

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Plan locations for your sensors

  • Each of your sensors comes pre-numbered
  • Choose sensor locations prior to setup
Support set up for sensors

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Set up your door sensors

  • Set up sensors at your doors first, using your lowest numbered sensors 1, 2, 3...
  • Simply peel-and-stick sensors in your predetermined door locations
Support set up for door and window sensors

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Set up other sensors

  • After your doors are covered, proceed with placing the rest of your sensors
  • Refer to our Quick Start Guide for other sensor placement steps
Support set up for sensors


Call Frontpoint to test and activate

  • Give us a call and we'll walk you through each piece of equipment to ensure it's working properly
  • We'll activate it and your home will be secure!
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