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What can I do to keep an eye on my busy family?

Mobile app

Sometimes keeping track of family schedules can be its own full-time job. With the Mobile App from Frontpoint, you can keep an eye on anyone entering or exiting your house. Plus, you can view streaming footage live from anywhere in the world, so you can know when your kids arrive home. 

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How do I keep my family safe from carbon monoxide?

Because carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, having a Carbon Monoxide Sensor from Frontpoint can really reinforce your peace of mind. The sensor will let you know the second it detects carbon monoxide, so you can get your family out of harm’s way. 

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I travel a lot. How can I stay on top of what’s going on at home?

Our Mobile App gives you total control, no matter where you are. It allows you to arm or disarm your system, schedule lights to go on and off and track visitors to your home. You’ll can even customize your system and stream video from anywhere in the world.

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Can our kids use our system?

Touch-screen control panel

We’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from our customers about how easy our Control Panel is to use. It is so easy to arm and disarm, just about every member of your family will be able to use it. By giving every user their own personal code, it’s also really easy to keep track of who comes in and out of your house, and when.

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What happens if someone tries to damage my system?

Sometimes bad guys may try to destroy your Control Panel. With our Crash & Smash protection, if this happens, a cellular signal will be sent out immediately to alert the Monitoring Center there’s trouble. And unless you let us know everything’s okay, we’ll send the authorities.

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What if I need a real-time connection to my home?

There are plenty of great ways to stay in the know when it comes to your house. You can position our sensors in a number of places in your home to monitor many types of activities. For example, our Garage Door Sensor can alert you if you drive away and forgot to close your garage door. All activity can be viewed from anywhere, at any time, from our Mobile App.  

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How easy is it to arm/disarm my system?

We’ve got lots of options to control your system, but the Keychain Remote is one of our most convenient solutions. You can not only arm and disarm your system, but you can control your lights or send a panic alarm, right from your keychain. So control is always in your pocket.

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How do I keep track of things when I’m not home?

Mobile app

Know everything the second you need to with our Mobile App Alerts. We’ll notify you instantly if a sensor triggers an alarm, or if someone enters your home. You can customize your alerts based on your specific needs.

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How can I control my lights?

With our Light Control, you’ll never have to walk into a dark home again. You can set a schedule from the Control Panel to have lights come on or go off when you want. But if your plans change or you need to make adjustments, that’s simple too! You can do all that via our Mobile App.

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Can my system be expanded?

Absolutely. Whether you decide to add other features to your system or want to protect a new addition on your home, all Frontpoint systems can be easily adapted to your needs. Because all our systems can be installed by you and they’re 100% wireless, you can connect new sensors or equipment in a flash.

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What can I do if I have pets? 

Luckily for you, Frontpoint Motion Sensors work well with pets under 40 lbs. For larger pets, we recommend using our Door and Window Sensors in combination with a Glass Break Sensor, for added security.

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Do I need professional installation? 

No. You can do it all yourself. All our systems are designed to be simply and easily set up, right out of the box. And, because they’re also 100% wireless, all the components connect instantly. There’s no need to have anyone come into your home to drill holes in the wall or install anything.

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Is there a way to keep an eye on my front door?


Our Wireless Outdoor Camera is the perfect solution if you want to keep track of who approaches your doors. You’ll never have to ask, “Who’s there?” You’ll see people before they get to the door, as they approach.

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How do I keep an eye on things when I'm away?

Mobile app

Our Ultimate Plan offers Video Monitoring of your home with several types of cameras to choose from. This monitoring will record clips of any kind of motion at your house and then alert you instantly when there’s something for you to review. Our Motion Sensors are also a great way to stay on top of what’s going on, no matter where you go.

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What if the power goes out?

Because all our systems are 100% wireless and cellular, your Control Panel will still work, even if the power is out. It also has a backup battery that lasts 24 hours on average. So, even if it takes a while for power to be restored, you’re still protected.

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How can I make sure my elderly parents are safe?

With our Panic Pendant, you can rest easy knowing any time older or handicapped members of your family need help, Frontpoint is there. It can be customized to send a medical or intrusion alert. You can also customize who receives notification of those alerts.

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Once I buy equipment, can I take it with me?

Yes! All our equipment is just as easy to remove from your home as it is to install. If you move, you can easily take your equipment with you and set it up in your new home just how you’d like it. Just call us with your new address. It really is that easy. 

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How do I stay on top of potential damage to my property?

Water damage can be devastating to your property and your budget. Be alerted right away of any potential water leaks or floods with our Water and Flood Sensor. You’ll have the peace of mind that your home is staying dry and that your wallet is staying closed.

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When you say your systems are Virtually "undefeatable," what do you mean?

All our systems are 100% wireless and cellular. This means your system is on duty 24/7. When a sensor is triggered, it sends an alert to the Frontpoint Monitoring Center over a secure cellular link. There are no wires or cables that can be cut. So even if the power goes out or a bad guy tries to damage your system, the signal will still get through.

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How can I keep my house at a comfortable temperature?

Mobile app

Temperature control at your home can be simple and convenient with our Thermostats. You can set a schedule for heating and cooling your home, based on where you are. And making adjustments to that schedule is super simple, too. You’ll not only be more comfortable, but save on energy costs, too.

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How can I be sure my kids are safe?

Our Wireless Indoor Camera can be another way to keep an eye on your kids. Whether they’re old enough to be home by themselves, or you’d like to keep an eye on a babysitter, our camera can keep you informed and even record clips for you to watch later.

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