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FrontPoint Picks: A Passion for Movies

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April 26, 2014
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FrontPoint Picks: A Passion for Movies

Movies are awesome. They have a powerful ability to grab hold of your attention for hours. Some movies are even powerful enough to evoke an emotional response, whether it’s laughter or tears (Lion King, anyone?).

Today, we honor all of cinema as we celebrate “Movies – A Global Passion”, the theme of this year’s World Intellectual Property Day, hosted by the World intellectual Property Organization.

Instead of asking the age-old question: “what is the best movie,” I went around the office and asked: “What is your favorite movie and why?”

Here are some of the responses, enjoy!

WARNING: Read at your own risk, spoilers are included.

The Princess Bride (spoilers)

“How anyone couldn’t love it is INCONCEIVABLE! I love it because it’s a great mix of comedy, romance and action. It’s been one of my favorite movies from when I first saw it as a kid and I still laugh just as hard as an adult.  A man who never gives up on true love even if he has to become a pirate and defeat an evil prince is my idea of a good time.” - Sydney J., Customer Support Specialist

“I am a fantasy nut and watching a movie that incorporates pirates, giants, fire swamps, miracles and evil six-fingered villains is my go to!” – Chris N., Computer Support Specialist

Conan the Barbarian

“‘CROM!!!’ - Conan the Barbarian.

“What is the Riddle of Steel? You don’t know? Conan knows. In 1982, Arnold Schwarzenegger helped create the greatest movie of all time. Conan doesn’t feature wimpy teenage vampires, a convoluted plot, or weaknesses of any kind. Instead, you’re treated to 129 minutes of pure, unadulterated [amazingness].  After having his family and friends slaughtered by the evil wizard THULSA DOOM, Conan faces years of pain and suffering so that he can exact vengeance on those who wronged him.

“Don’t worry, I won’t ruin it for you. Just watch it. Watch it so you can know what is best in life.” – Kelan H., Compliance Associate

Pulp Fiction

“I have about 5-10 films that I could classify as my ‘favorite’ depending on the day. However, if I have to pick one, I'm most inclined to choose Pulp Fiction. The insanely quotable dialogue, the unconventional narrative structure, the assortment of oddball characters, the ‘did that really just happen?!’ moments, the soundtrack – there's never been anything quite like it before or since. I can't imagine a scenario where I would stumble across this film on television and not stop to watch, no matter how many times I've seen it.” – Lee W., Senior Communications Writer

21 Jump Street

“My favorite movie is 21 Jump Street because it’s hilariously super funny. Ja feel?” – Mitchell K., Fulfillment Technician

Fight Club (spoilers)

“The performances from Pitt and Norton are both incredible. I also really liked Helena Bonham Carter’s performance as well. What I thoroughly enjoy is the plot twist. I’m a person who figures almost all movies, and TV shows out very early. This one completely threw me for a loop! Never expected Tyler Durden was Ed Norton’s character having a mental break!  The power of a charismatic leader can move entire groups of people to do just about anything. I could go on forever but ultimately the plot, the twist, and the performances have made this one my top pick!

“‘His name was Robert Paulson.’” – Julia D., Security Consultant

The Breakfast Club

“The reason why is because I feel that the movie relates to just about anyone: a brain, an athlete, a criminal, a basket case, and a princess. Plus the end of the movie with the song playing is just about the best ending to a movie you can possible come up with!” – Jordan D., Facilities Associate


“This is my favorite movie because it always has you sitting on the edge of your seat and you never know what will happen next. I also love the bond the son has with his father throughout the movie and how changing history ultimately makes the son a better man. It truly is one of the best movies I have ever seen and not many people know of it, but I always recommend it and have yet to find a person who does not like it!” – Katie R., Customer Support Specialist

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet is the movie I would have to choose for my top favorite movie.  The movie deals with basic human emotions.  Love, loss, memory, pain, guilt, and many more.  It also deals with another basic human instinct, the ability to forget that which pains us.  It forces us to ask ourselves if this were available to everyday people, would we do it?  If the answer is yes then we’d have to ask about the moral implications that follow with each procedure we’d undergo.  It’s almost like the paradox of an eye for an eye, everyone would be blind.  So would everyone be blind with these capabilities?  In a metaphorical sense, of course.  This movie while very entertaining hits us where we hurt most, our heart.  It’s a question that we will continue to ponder and when the day comes we will have to decide as a people how to properly use it, not for personal gain, but for our race and advancement of our species." - Saul H., Supply Chain Technician

Trading Places

“My favorite movie is kind of a throwback but it is Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd. I have probably watched this movie 500 times and it never gets old! There are so many themes that are relevant still today in regards to wealth distribution, racism, and stereotyping but it is portrayed in a hilarious light which makes it all seem so ridiculous. If you are looking for a good laugh and hysterical hijinks, but also a movie that will make you second guess how you perceive and even unfairly judge those around you, I would definitely recommend checking it out on Netflix! Plus, it will show you the humor and talent that skyrocketed [Saturday Night Live] into the household name that it is today.” – Venee G., Security Consultant

Now it’s your turn: What is your favorite movie and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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