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How a Home Security System Can Protect Your Business

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How a Home Security System Can Protect Your Business
By: Editor
March 11, 2022

How a Home Security System Can Protect Your Business

At Frontpoint, our specialty is producing a high-quality security system for the home, but we also offer an ideal choice for businesses. You might be thinking: “How effective can a home security system be for my business?” Well, let us tell you.

Protecting a business is essentially protecting a home on a larger scale. Of course, business owners have different concerns than homeowners, but we understand those unique needs. Frontpoint wireless security systems are easily customizable to fit a business’ needs and offer a variety of features that make keeping an eye on your business easy.

Customize Your Business’s Security System

By design, the Frontpoint system allows you to add and remove sensors until you have a combination that perfectly fits your building, floor plan or suite. Should you feel like it’s not the perfect fit, you can easily reconfigure it at any time.

One of the best things about a wireless security system – besides being the safest in the industry – is the simple, do-it-yourself installation. There’s no need for a pricey, professional install or holes drilled into your walls.

DIY installation also makes the system portable. Have to move due to your business’ rapid growth? Pick up your wireless alarm system and take it with you; it’s simple as that.

Keep a Watchful Eye with Wireless Security Cameras

Security cameras are the staples of business security. They allow you to keep a watchful eye on your business at all times. Frontpoint offers three different cameras (all wireless!) with different functions that aid in protecting your property and inventory.

  • Indoor Camera: Ideal for monitoring the inside of your business. It has a range of up to 50 feet and features infrared technology, meaning it can view events that occur in the dark. The indoor camera can also record clips through motion activation!
  • Premium Indoor Camera: This allows you to control the camera to maximize your field of view. If you spot something suspicious in the corner of the screen, you can easily maneuver the camera and zero in to get a better view
  • Outdoor Camera: Great for spotting trouble before it even gets to the front door – or in many cases, the back door. These are also motion-activated, so they’ll record anyone that walks in view

Best of all, each of these cameras sync with your online account and smartphone app. You’ll be able to see what they see, anytime and anywhere. The live feed is available in a matter of seconds!

Security Sensors for a Business

While some Frontpoint sensors may be more practical in a home, there are many that are perfect for a business.

  • Motion Sensor – Uses infrared technology to detect any movement in a large radius. It is more practical than multiple door and window sensors, especially if you’re trying to cover a large room with multiple entry-points
  • Glass Break Sensor– A perfect complement to the Motion Sensor and strong as a standalone sensor, the Glass Break Sensor detects the unique sound frequency of breaking glass. The moment a burglar tries to smash a window to your store, the Glass Break Sensor will detect it and sound the alarm immediately.
  • Hazard Sensors– Burglars are not the only things that can harm your business. The environment can wreak havoc on your business when you least expect it. Frontpoint’s security systems are equipped to protect against a variety of environmental dangers: smoke, fires, flooding, freezing pipes, and carbon monoxide.

Additional Security Measures

In addition to the traditional security sensors, a home security system offers other features that are extremely beneficial to a business. A Panic Pendant, for instance, is a unique solution for reactive security. It’s entirely user-activated, so if an incident occurs you can instantly send an alert to the police or medical personnel. Its size makes it easy to conceal and it can send silent alarms for discrete use. The Panic Pendant is a last resort, but it’s extremely useful for those unfortunate dire moments.

To add another layer of security, you can also set multiple user codes on the Frontpoint security system. Trusted employees can have codes for arming/disarming, so you don’t have to be at the office each morning to let your team in. This also allows you to keep track of the coming and going of employees for the times you can’t be on-site.

Protect Your Property and Inventory

Business owners should not have to break the bank to protect their stores, companies or property. Our Frontpoint systems may be best known as a home security solution, but they’re just as viable for businesses. It’s easy to customize and there’s a variety of equipment to choose from. With 100% wireless and 100% cellular technology included, there is no better combination of security and value.

Are you a business owner? If so, what are some interesting ways you’re protecting your business? Let us know in the comments section below!

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