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Stupidest Burglar Stories – Chicago Burglar Arrested after Leaving Photo on Stolen Laptop

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November 29, 2011
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Stupidest Burglar Stories – Chicago Burglar Arrested after Leaving Photo on Stolen Laptop

The “Windy City” may have derived its name, as many believe, from its politics and not from its weather. But just as in other cities across the US, a cloud of increasing residential crime has cast a shadow over Chicago and its suburbs. And as we know, home intruders love to steal technology items, since they can be turned into cash very easily. One recent report from Riverside, IL, tells of a burglar who clearly forgot what modern technology is capable of doing: he may now have an extended period to think about it – behind bars.

The Riverside home burglar who stole a laptop and left a picture of himself on it has been arrested, police said. At the time, police called the photographic self-portrait "an arrogant act of self-confidence."

After recovering the laptop and finding the picture, police released the photo and asked anyone who recognized it to contact them. Someone did.

Now the article does not say how the police “released the photo” to the public, but I have a good guess: Facebook. After all, local law enforcement have been using social media tools to track down burglars with increasing frequency, as this recent blog post demonstrates. And in this case, it did not take long.

Now THAT’S Fast!

"We had him identified 15 minutes after his photo was made public," said Police Chief Tom Weitzel. But it took police in the western suburb several weeks to find and arrest Dominick Harvey, of Berwyn, because he too saw his photo in the news and as a result "was moving frequently to avoid arrest," Weitzel said. Harvey was arrested Wednesday at his home and gave a full confession, police said.

Serial Burglar?

Harvey has been charged with two counts of residential burglary. Police said he currently is on parole for the same offense. The Apple laptop was stolen from one of two burglarized homes in Riverside on Aug. 22. Cash and jewelry also were taken. The laptop was recovered three days later from an electronics store in Cicero to which Harvey allegedly sold it.

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