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Delaware Burglar Falls Asleep, Caught by Homeowner

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September 14, 2011
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Delaware Burglar Falls Asleep, Caught by Homeowner

I like Delaware: beautiful beaches, plenty of cultural attractions (like Longwood Gardens and Wintherthur), and nice people. As a small state, Delaware does not make the news too much – so when Google Alerts listed this story about a particularly stupid burglar, it caught my eye.  This report is a good reminder that burglaries are generally not committed by the clever characters with high-tech gadgetry you see on TV, but by individuals who are often challenged by drug addiction or other issues, and are looking for a quick way to support their habits. That’s why having an alarm system is so important – because these people can also be dangerous.

Authorities say a Sussex County woman woke up one morning this week to find a burglar lying fast asleep on her couch. Delaware State Police say that just after 7 a.m. Tuesday, the 63-year-old victim woke up to discover that the front door of her home on Ritter Drive in Long Neck was open and an unknown man was lying asleep on her couch. Troopers say that upon surveying the burglary scene, they discovered the suspect had cut a screen to the victim's porch in order to gain access.

What She Did Next

Investigators say that when the woman told the intruder that she would be calling the police, the man immediately ran out of the home. The victim provided troopers with a description of the clothes the suspect was wearing. The woman further stated that the suspect was last seen running with a beer can still in his hand.  The victim additionally discovered that the suspect had drank more than just one beer while staying at her home, according to police.

As I’ve often stated, she should have called the police first, and then left her home until they arrived: there’s no way of knowing if the intruder would become violent, and many similar incidents have ended badly for homeowners confronting burglars in the home. The beer, however, may have been a mitigating factor – and it just gets better.

He Must Have Been Thirsty

When troopers canvassed the neighborhood they observed a man walking along School Lane who fit the description the victim provided. Police say that even after observing troopers, the suspect continued to walk while still drinking his alcoholic beverage. According to police, a search led to the seizure of six prescription pills containing 650 mg of Ibuprofen with codeine. The pills were not prescribed to the suspect, who was later charged with second-degree burglary, theft under $1,500, possession of a narcotic Schedule III controlled substance, criminal mischief and drunk on the highway.

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