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Texas Burglar Breaks into Same Home Three Times – Shot and Killed on the Third Attempt

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May 30, 2011
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Texas Burglar Breaks into Same Home Three Times – Shot and Killed on the Third Attempt

We know from multiple news reports that burglars do return to the scene of the crime. It may be the next day, or even several years later – in one case, we know of a burglar who was released from prison and went right back to a home he had previously broken into. Since so many burglary victims fail to provide themselves with adequate protection (better locks, stronger doors, a monitored alarm system), perhaps returning to scene of the crime makes sense to these intruders.  But in this latest story from San Antonio, an intruder’s third break-in at the same home did not end well.

San Antonio police said a would-be burglar was shot to death during a home invasion early Wednesday morning. It happened on the city's north side at a house police said the dead man may have burglarized three times in four days.

The Background

Police said this all stems from a burglary and an auto theft Sunday at the Royal Club residence. A white Lexus and other items were taken in that crime, investigators said. Two days later, there was another burglary at the same home, police said. The homeowners are believed to be out of town on a European cruise. Investigators said a neighbor called their son about another possible break-in. The son of the homeowners and his wife decided they would spend the night, police said.

That was brave, and perhaps even foolhardy, of the son – especially to bring his wife along, for what could be a nasty confrontation. Burglars often steal firearms, so it’s not unusual for them to be armed. And clearly this particular intruder was pretty brazen.

What Happened Next

Around midnight, investigators said, the son confronted the burglary suspect in his parents' living room. He reportedly asked the man to leave. The suspect refused, officers said, so the suspect opened fire. When officers were called out to Royal Club, they found a man who had been shot twice in the chest. The homeowner's son reportedly blasted him with a 12-gauge shotgun.

The report also indicates that the son will probably not be charged with a crime in the defense of his parents' home. What is even more remarkable about this case is that the white Lexus, stolen from the home during one of the previous burglaries, was found in the alley behind the home. It’s presumed that the burglar used the same car he stole to transport himself back for more easy pickings. Unfortunately for him it did not turn out to be that easy.

Avoid Confrontation

It’s a safe assumption that this home did not have a monitored alarm system: if there had been a home alarm in use, the burglar would have been scared off the first time, and no repeat visit would have occurred. FrontPoint does not encourage anyone to take the law into their own hands: the last thing we want is for you to risk a confrontation with a determined intruder, possibly armed and even more likely to be struggling with a drug problem. For every story where the intruder gets a taste of frontier justice, there are numerous accounts of homeowners confronting burglars where the story goes the other way - ending in the homeowner's injury, or even death.

There’s a residential break-in every 14 seconds in the US – but we know you can improve your odds by having a monitored alarm system. In fact, statistics show that unprotected homes are three times more likely to be targeted. Make sure you insist on safer cellular monitoring – and that you work with the best. When it comes to quality, smart home security have been choosing FrontPoint - the #1 ranked home alarm company in the US. A FrontPoint system is safer, smarter, simpler, more affordable, and virtually impossible to defeat. Rather than risk a situation where you and the burglar are face to face, invest in the best for the peace of mind you deserve. That’s FrontPoint.

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