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The Convenience of a Smart Home Touchscreen Control Panel

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smart home touchscreen control panel
By: Editor
August 18, 2021

The Convenience of a Smart Home Touchscreen Control Panel

An easy way for you, your family, and authorized visitors to control and secure a smart home

You can usually totally run a smart home with your smartphone—so why get a smart home touchscreen control panel?

It’s all about convenience: You won't need to finger-fumble on a small screen or take the phone off a charger just to view the feed from your security cameras. A house sitter won't have to install a new app to turn on the lights. Instead, you'll be able to control everything through a single dashboard—and you'll never need to worry about it getting bogged down by an ever-growing collection of apps and photos.

Let’s look at the features and uses of one of the best home security touchscreens available: the Frontpoint Touchscreen Control Panel.

What is a smart home touchscreen control panel?

A smart home touchscreen control panel is essentially a tablet computer. But these little devices exclusively offer a window into your smart home's brain—a dashboard tailor-made to help you monitor and manage all of the appliances.

With the Frontpoint Touchscreen Control Panel, you'll have the power to monitor and program the system’s cameras, intrusion sensors, thermostats, and any third-party product with Z-Wave technology. If it connects to your system's hub—and whether a device is for home security or home automation—it's yours to control from the touchscreen.

Smart home touchscreenSmart home touchscreen

With the tablet’s 7-inch display, Frontpoint's security dashboard is large enough to use easily yet small enough to fit discreetly on a wall or tabletop.

You can install a Frontpoint Touchscreen Control Panel in your hallway, at the front door, on your nightstand, or anywhere else with a reliable Wi-Fi signal—and use as many as four at a time.

Better yet, you can carry them around the house: Each weighs less than a pound and, at half brightness, provides up to four hours of continuous use on battery power. And when you're not using it to run your home, you'll be able to enjoy some nice extras—like a four-day weather forecast and an SD card slot that allows the device to act as a digital picture frame.

How a home security touchscreen can keep you a little more safe and comfortable

With the help of customizable "scenes," your smart home touchscreen control panel can operate multiple devices simultaneously—and all you'll need to do is press a button.

Let’s say you're lying in bed: Did you lock the front door? Turn the porch light on? Adjust the thermostat? With a dashboard on your nightstand (and the right appliances), you can do it all by choosing a “bedtime” scene while staying cozy.

Doorbell camera viewDoorbell camera view

Upstairs, hear a knock, and get a motion-activated alert? Screen a visitor at the front door by picking up the tablet and viewing a live feed of the doorbell camera.

In a shared space, like the main entryway or kitchen, a Frontpoint Touchscreen Control Panel can provide everyone with the access they need. It's perfect for children without phones, caretakers who need limited access to smart-home features, and those who may struggle with small, busy interfaces. And because you can give each user a custom access code, you'll be able to decide who can do big things (like changing system settings) and who can't.

It's a convenient gateway to the Frontpoint home security system—and that means you'll have access to all sorts of features that keep you safer. With a smart home touchscreen control panel, you can manage your devices, respond to alarms, view live camera footage, and get an at-a-glance view of your sensor history and notifications. And in an emergency, you've got a panic button that calls for help from security professionals who can dispatch first responders for you.

A home security touchscreen helps you build and control precisely the do-it-yourself security system you want. And when you pair one with the right smart devices, you'll know when a door or window opens, somebody pries at the garage door, or something inside your house moves.

A Frontpoint system provides that visibility and control—and so much more—on a convenient touchscreen interface.

For more than ten years, Frontpoint has been revolutionizing home security. Take a look at our security packages or get a quote today by calling 1-877-602-5276.

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