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What Are Video Analytics?

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What Are Video Analytics?
January 27, 2023

What Are Video Analytics?

Frontpoint’s Video Analytics feature on compatible cameras provides an extra layer of security awareness around what’s happening at home. This feature helps you take control of your home security by allowing customizable alerts tailored to your preferences.

You decide which events deserve attention and which ones you don’t want to be alerted about—such as cars driving by or animals making their way through your yard.

Tripwires and Ground Zones

Video Analytics allows you to create “tripwire” or “ground zone” alerts. When people cross the virtual threshold you placed on your property, you will be alerted through the Frontpoint app.

A tripwire is a simple virtual line that is great for pathways like driveways, sidewalks, or gates. A “ground zone” is a virtual perimeter that is best for areas like porches, pools, or backyards.

When you use this feature, you eliminate unnecessary notifications to your phone. Suppose a car is driving by your house but not into your driveway. In that case, you won’t be alerted about that motion detection, even though it is caught on your camera.



Distinction Between People, Animals, and Vehicles

Compatible Frontpoint security cameras, such as the Indoor Camera, Outdoor Camera, and Premium Indoor Camera, can distinguish between people, animals, and vehicles. By creating Video Analytics “rules” you can get alerts about very specific events that are important to you. You can also exclude certain events, such as cars driving by your home. For example, Video Analytics allows you to choose to be alerted about:

  • Your dog jumping on your couch.
  • Your cat jumping up onto the kitchen counter.
  • A deer eating the vegetables in your garden.
  • Potential intruders lurking in your backyard.
  • Visitors on your front porch.
  • A car pulling into your driveway.

You can also set up a rule to eliminate alerts you do not care about, such as a rabbit or squirrel running across your yard.  

Customized Scheduling

If you only want to be notified about motion activity during certain hours of the day, you can schedule Video Analytics to only notify you when necessary. You can also schedule around certain days of the week.  

You can even combine the other Video Analytics features with your customized scheduling. Let’s say you want to be notified about animals outside during the day while your dog is out but not at night. You can set this rule up right in the Frontpoint App.

Home Automation

Video Analytics can be programmed to work in sync with home automation tools, like the Wireless Light Control or Outdoor Smart Plug. Use Video Analytics and a smart plug to turn your lights on if a Tripwire or Ground Zone is activated. This can help deter potential intruders by causing them to believe someone is home and spotted them lurking.

What Are Video Analytics?

If you have a compatible Frontpoint camera, Video Analytics are a great way to take control of your security. By distinguishing important events from routine activities and integrating with your home automation devices, Video Analytics give you control over your security. For instructions to set them up, click here.

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