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Why the Best Home Security Solutions are Do-It-Yourself

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By: Editor
September 19, 2013
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Why the Best Home Security Solutions are Do-It-Yourself

Home security solutions have come a long way since the original wired security system was introduced before the turn of the millennium.  Today, the best home security solutions are wireless and most importantly, do-it-yourself.  As more home security companies switch over to wireless technology, DIY security systems are becoming the new standard. There’s a reason why DIY wireless security systems are the best home security solution: they’re cheaper, they’re simpler to install and to use, and most importantly, safer.

The Importance of Being Wireless

The most important feature of any DIY security system is that it’s wireless, which makes it the safest option. A standard wired security system is less effective because it requires an actual physical connection, such as a phone line or broadband connection. The problem with this is that if these were to be cut, which most burglars do, the system becomes useless. No signal will be sent to the Monitoring Station and as a result, no help will be sent. You can see why this is less than ideal.

A wireless security system suffers from none of these concerns. Because it relies on a cellular connection, a wireless system can completely ignore the main weakness of a hardwired system. There are no wires between the sensors and the Control Panel, and there is also no physical connection needed to communicate with the Monitoring Station. Because of this, burglars don’t have the option of cutting through them to silence your alarm system. If a sensor is tripped, a signal will get out and help will be on the way.

Avoid the Hassle of a Professional Installation

Traditional wired systems require the need for a professional to come and install the system in your house. This involves the tiresome process of trying to schedule a time and having to take out a large portion of your day to wait for the professional to arrive. After they do arrive, you have the unfortunate pleasure of allowing a stranger into your home to install a sensitive security measure.

Avoid all these hassles by getting a system you can install by yourself. With a DIY security system, there is absolutely no need for a professional. Upon receiving your system, all you have to do is place the sensors and then call the activation line. It’s really that simple. It’s also easy to uninstall should you ever need to move. All you have to do is pick up your Control Panel and sensors and go! If you’re a renter, a DIY system is perfect for you.

Think about all the money that could be saved by choosing to do it yourself, as opposed to having a professional install. There is absolutely no need to pay for an installation. Fees for having a professional to come and install a security system can be ridiculously expensive, so why bother when there’s a safe and more cost effective alternative.

Check the Home Security System Reviews

There’s even more evidence that DIY security systems are the best home security solutions in the reviews. Check Angie’s List, Consumer Affairs, and other review sites and you’ll see that companies that offer DIY wireless security systems are at the top, with FrontPoint Security leading the way. Companies that offer a DIY system are also expecting more customer interaction, so you can expect better customer service from them, since they’ll be better prepared.

Take a look at the companies that stand by the old-fashioned security system; the reviews for those companies are less than stellar. The same companies may be slowly transitioning to the safer, wireless home security systems, but the results have been disappointing.

Other DIY Home Security Ideas

While having a wireless home security system is certainly the best option for safety, there are other steps that you can take that are easy to do on your own:

  • Look at your home’s exterior and view it as if you were a burglar. See if there are any places that someone could hide, like a bush or even a tree house.
  • Take care of your lawn and bring in your mail. An unkempt home is more likely to be a target than a home that is well-taken care of.
  • Put away any tools that you use. A hammer can be used to break glass and a ladder to access hard to reach openings.
  • Think about getting motion-activated lights. The last thing a burglar wants is to be seen.
  • Place your valuables in places that a burglar might not look.

As more home security companies and customers switch to DIY wireless systems, the old-fashioned wired security systems will no longer be the standard. The new standard in home security solutions will be a system that you can set up all by yourself, without the need for a professional. That means no stranger in your home, no expensive fees, and a safer security system. Most importantly, it means peace of mind.

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