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By: Editor
August 24, 2023


A full-featured app is critical for utmost control and visibility into your security system, at home or on the go.  

The Frontpoint app- one of the most feature-rich in the market, incorporates intelligent features and automation tools that make your life easier.  

Keep reading for information on some of our most popular app functionality and learn what’s new.  

The Frontpoint app is beloved for these key capabilities: 

  • Arm and disarm your system from anywhere 
  • Watch saved or live video footage from Frontpoint cameras, set up camera rules, and use two-way audio to communicate through your cameras  
  • For all camera-related features, tap here. 
  • Control any smart devices connected to your system 
  • Easily expand your system with an intuitive in-app setup for new products 
  • Register your pets for Emergency Responder Pet Awareness 
  • Sign up for Allstate Identity Protection, included at no cost 
  • Easily update your account information as needed 

Other smart app features enable you to.... 

  • Review System and Sensor History
    • Review various events that happened within 90 days including the open/close history of sensors, motion detection, captured video clips, and other insights into your system usage. 
  • Create Advanced Notifications
    • Create custom alerts and reminders for the events your system monitors- add your loved ones' phone numbers so they can receive a notification too.
    • Some favorite notifications are: 
  • Arming Reminders
    • Receive an alert if your system isn't armed after a specific time or if everyone has left the property. 
  • Unexpected Activity Alerts
    • Harness the power of machine learning and let Frontpoint detect unusual activity in your home based on your normal usage patterns.  
  • Design Custom Scenes
    • A "scene" controls multiple devices with the press of a button based on the pre-configured list(s) you create. With Scenes, you can simplify a bedtime routine, "returning home" ritual, or whatever other scenario your family might want to simplify and automate. 



In August, we’ve rolled out a refresh of the Frontpoint mobile app, based on customer feedback! These updates make your experience simpler, smoother, and more convenient than ever before. The changes bring a fresh look and feel to the app, making it easier for you to navigate, control your devices, and stay connected to your security system and smart home.   

Redesigned Main Menu for Effortless Navigation 

The main menu has undergone a transformation that puts control right at your fingertips. It now resides at the bottom of the screen, ensuring easy access to essential menu tabs such as Home, Video, and Activity. This intuitive change allows you to seamlessly navigate throughout the app with a simple tap. Additionally, the navigation menu () has found its new home in the bottom right corner, making it even easier to access. 

Empowerment through the Outdoor Camera Siren 

We're excited to introduce a manually triggered siren on the Outdoor Camera. With this new capability, you can deter intruders from anywhere in real-time. Once activated, the camera’s loud siren, coupled with a flashing red LED, creates a powerful audio and visual deterrent. The siren can be manually turned on or off through the Frontpoint app or website with a simple tap.  



Activity Menu Unveiled 

We’d like to introduce you to the new "Activity" menu, an enhanced version of the “History” menu found in previous app versions. This change not only enhances the design of the menu but also better reflects its purpose. Easily keep track of system events and actions and filter for key moments through this newly revamped Activity menu. 


Enhanced App Performance for a Faster Experience 

Say hello to smoother responses and faster load times, helping you interact with your system and devices with improved speed. 


On-Demand Recordings from Frontpoint Doorbell Cameras 

Recording on-demand video clips from your Wired Doorbell Camera and Wireless Doorbell Camera is now easier than ever. Simply tap the record button on the live view of your wired or wireless doorbell camera within the customer app to capture 20-second clips whenever you need them. 


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