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A Remote Light Switch That Can Control Way More Than Lights

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By: Editor
July 28, 2021

A Remote Light Switch That Can Control Way More Than Lights

Smart plugs let you keep the appliances you love while enjoying the best parts of home automation 

Many devices in your house have a smart alternative: There are smart toasters, smart toilets, "wireless" mousetraps, and, oddly enough, a tray that warns you when eggs are about to expire. But what if you just want to get a little more out of an existing appliance—like a table or floor lamp? 

You could pick up an energy-saving, dimmable smart light bulb. But for those who like their existing lights and love home automation, a smart plug is a great option. Let’s look at how a smart, remote light switch can help you turn almost any pluggable device on or off, plus showcase some ways you can make your home safer, smarter, and a little more comfortable.

What is a smart plug? It gives new life and features to “dumb” devices 

Think of it as a kind of middleman: A smart plug sits between a standard wall outlet and your corded light fixture, turning the flow of power on or off in response to wireless signals.

Frontpoint's Wireless Light Control makes it easy to automate your not-so-smart appliances. It's a wireless, remote light switch with two essential elements: A "Z-Wave" receiver and transmitter that can turn the device on or off wirelessly, and a "pass-through" that delivers power (just like the sockets on your existing outlet).

Wireless light controlWireless light control

The "Z-Wave Plus" logo on this wireless light switch tells you that this socket is "smart"—and can be controlled remotely.

Because we preconfigure your smart light switch to work with your smart home's hub, all you need to do is plug the switch in, plug your lamp into the Z-Wave socket, and add it to your system. That's all! After that, you'll have control of the appliance through any digital device—smartphone, tablet, or computer—with the Frontpoint App. 

You can also control wired appliances via commands to a smart speaker, on a schedule, and even in response to programmed events like opening a door or pulling into your driveway. 

How a wireless light switch can help you relax, save money, and more

Our remote light switch relies on Z-Wave, an essential wireless technology for home automation. It's a little bit like Bluetooth or WiFi, but with differences that make it easier to build the do-it-yourself smart home you want. 

With a Frontpoint system, you can easily control almost any Z-Wave gadget, from smart thermostats to doorbell cameras to smart blinds and water-shutoff valves. Here's the best part: You can manage any of them at the same time—and even automatically. For example, creating a "scene" in the Frontpoint App allows you to turn off every wireless light switch in your house when:

Scenes make smart light switches a powerful home automation tool. And their applications go way beyond floor and table lamps. From TVs to air purifiers, a wireless light switch can probably turn it on or off if it plugs into a standard outlet. Here are just a few examples of how smart homes can make older devices better:

Reducing energy use with remote light switches

Modern lightbulbs can be surprisingly energy efficient. But for some, the warmth and look of traditional bulbs (despite the 25-80% increase in power usage) can't be beat. Either way, you’ll cut your power bill—thanks to a "lights off" scene that turns off every floor and table lamp as you drive away from your home.  

Warm lights on in a living roomWarm lights on in a living room

With a smart plug, "in with the new" doesn't have to mean "out with the old." All sorts of traditional plug-and-socket light fixtures can become "smart." Source: OCULUS NY (CC BY 3.0)

Helping you relax

You've had a long day at work and need to unwind. Luckily, you've already created an "after work" scene. When you get home, your living room's humidifier, TV, and a few calming lamps are already running or snap to attention at the press of a button.

Making a hands-free approach possible 

You open your kitchen cabinet and, thanks to a well-placed door/window sensor, the LED strip inside of it illuminates. A motion sensor in your reading nook turns on a couple of lamps as you approach your favorite chair. By combining smart light switches with intelligent sensors, you can turn your lights on or off without so much as a flick of the wrist.   

Crossing items off your to-do list

It's 9 PM on December 24th, and you're tucking your son into bed. His night light turns on automatically; meanwhile, the lights in his terrarium power down. Just down the hall, the lamp beside the bedroom table begins to glow, and the lights wrapped around your tree illuminate to welcome holiday visitors.

Smart homes and remote light switches can help your loved ones feel a little safer

Wireless light switches let you enjoy the benefits of smart-home technology while keeping existing devices. And with endless customizations, they can even help protect your home and family:

  • Confuse burglars by setting scenes that periodically turn lights, radios, and/or TVs on and off while you're away  
  • Give elderly relatives a way to turn off devices without a trip up or down the stairs 
  • Safely escape potentially life-threatening scenarios by turning lights on (and unlocking a smart door lock) when an environmental hazard sensor detects danger

If you're looking to make life more convenient through home automation, smart remote light switches are a great way to do it. Also, be sure to check out our other DIY home security products: with intrusion sensors, environmental hazard sensors, and a range of automation accessories, Frontpoint makes it simple for everyone to build safer, smarter homes.

Learn about our home security and automation packages or get a quote today by calling 1-877-602-5276.

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