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Burglars Steal 46 Guns from one Residence – Protect the Guns in Your Home

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April 5, 2011
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Burglars Steal 46 Guns from one Residence – Protect the Guns in Your Home

I’ve posted on guns as being high on the list of items frequently targeted by burglars. Guns mean ready cash, which is what most burglaries are about. And sometimes the guns that are stolen end up being used in other burglaries, which is what scares me the most about guns in homes being left unsecured. In this story from Davenport, Iowa, a burglar actually stole 46 guns – one of which was used in a later crime.

Davenport Police say their investigation into a home invasion led them to discover a burglary in which 46 guns were stolen.  Police went to a reported home invasion and shooting January 17, 2011 in the 900 block of Madison.  The victim identified the alleged shooter, and police searched the suspect’s home. That’s when they found a gun.

Following the Trail

I do like these stories of good old-fashioned police work: it’s remarkable how many crimes are solved with persistence and traditional methods. In this case, the trail led them to the original crime, where the 46 guns were stolen in the course of a burglary.

When police ran an ATF trace on the gun, they found the gun owner.  When they went to the gun owner’s home, no one was there and the home had been burglarized. Police say the homeowner was in Arizona and returned home later.  His cooperation with police led them to discovering dozens of weapons missing from the residence. Several of the stolen weapons have already been recovered by police through other investigations.

Why 46 Guns?

Ours is not to reason why, although with so many guns stolen, I am guessing that many of them were handguns – easier for criminals to conceal and use. Yes, some people do collect guns, the same way others collect stamps, or coins, or butterflies. This collection just happened to have a more dangerous alternative use.

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