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Drug Addiction Behind Crime Spree in Waterford, Connecticut

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January 22, 2014
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Drug Addiction Behind Crime Spree in Waterford, Connecticut

As I skim through the daily articles and reports on residential crime, there are recurring topics that catch my eye. Sometimes the issue is what time of day burglars are operating in a given jurisdiction. Other times it may be how they gained entry, or what they stole. And sometimes the issue is the victims’ reactions to the crime – those can be tough to read.

Drugs and Residential Crime

Sadly, many jurisdictions report that statistics for residential crime – especially burglary – remain stubbornly high (and have even spiked, in some locales): the FBI states that that a burglary happens somewhere in the US just about every 14 seconds. Law enforcement professionals have increasingly pointed to one significant factor in residential crime: drug use and addiction. And from Waterford, Connecticut, a suburb of New London, comes this article on the connection between burglary and addiction.

Scott Tyrone was arrested this month on seven counts of burglary and a host of other charges after he allegedly admitted to burglarizing at least six homes throughout Waterford in September, along with homes in New London and other towns. Tyrone allegedly stole mostly jewelry and other gold items, including one man’s Navy medals, which he sold to gold-buying stores and pawn shops to fuel his heroin addiction, according to court records.

Stealing to Support a Habit

“Tyrone stated that he was burglarizing homes to support his heroin habit,” New London Police Officer Matthew Galante wrote in an arrest warrant. “Tyrone also stated that he was driven by his addiction and was under the influence of heroin while committing the burglaries.”

Details of the Crimes

In September, Waterford Police issued a warning to the public after at least six homes were burglarized in the span of a few weeks. The burglarized homes were spread out throughout Waterford, as Tyrone was later charged with burglarizing homes on Vauxhall Street Ext, Niles Hill Road, Old Norwich Road, Fog Plain Road and others. Police originally arrested Tyrone in September for sixth-degree larceny after they found a gold watch at a Groton pawn shop that was stolen from a home on Fog Plain Road.

Stolen Items for Cash, Cash for Drugs…

The owner of the pawn shop said Tyrone sold him the watch, leading to an arrest, according to court records. After that connection, Waterford Police, working with New London Police who also reported a string of recent burglaries, tracked what other items Tyrone sold to pawn shops and gold-buying shops.

Tyron said he was addicted to heroin and needed the money to support his addiction, according to court records. New London and Waterford Police officers searched his New London apartment. There, they found more items reported stolen from Waterford and New London homes including 57 savings bonds, along with a bag of heroin, according to court records.

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