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FrontPoint Picks: Gizmos, Gadgets and Home Automation

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By: Editor
December 14, 2013
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FrontPoint Picks: Gizmos, Gadgets and Home Automation

You may be a little confused right now. A blog post… on a Saturday? Did something happen at FrontPoint? Do not worry, everything is going smoothly. So smoothly in fact, that we’re proud to announce that we’ll now be posting on Saturdays!

That’s right, in addition to our daily posts during the weekdays, we’re giving you another to click, read and enjoy – this time on the weekend. And while we strive to provide you with the latest news, tips and information about all things security, these posts will be a little different.

Saturday posts will feature some of the best things we come across on the internet. It won’t always have something to do with home security, it might be about the newest trend in technology or a list of things not to do at a wedding. We almost included the 40 most awkward dogs of 2013.

We won’t go too far off-topic though, we’re still the home security company that you know and love. This week in particular, we’re keeping the post within the hot topic for the year: home automation. Here’s some of the best on the web regarding the devices and gadgets taking over your home.

1. Siri the Home Automation Master: An older video, but neat regardless. Watch how a man turned his iPhone using Siri into an all-in-one home automation machine.


2. 9 Cool Features of Home Automation Systems: EBay has a neat set of buying guides covering all kinds of items and the one on home automation is no different. 



4. Gadgets for the Lazy: Check that, six home gadgets designed for the laziest people in the world. These devices will ensure that you don’t have to get up ever again.


5. Gift Guide of the Home Automation Enthusiast: Just in time for the holidays, TechCrunch has put together an amazing of gadgets that would make perfect gifts for the home automation enthusiast in the family.


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