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Home Alarm Systems – Make Sure you Vote Tomorrow (and Vote for FrontPoint, Too!)

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November 1, 2010
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Home Alarm Systems – Make Sure you Vote Tomorrow (and Vote for FrontPoint, Too!)

Americans have been voting less over the years. In fact, we are significantly behind many other countries (check this link) in voter turnout, and we appear to show up at the polls in decreasing percentages as time goes on. For those who believe in voting as a civic duty in any democracy, this trend is clearly headed in the wrong direction. I did a bit of research on the topic, and here’s what I found. The US Census Bureau actually produces a detailed report on voting statistics in the US (here’s the link), and there are some issues that stand out. One is the list of reasons for not voting, with the top six reasons in descending order:

  • People think they have less free time, or are too busy – 17.5% of non-voters
  • Sickness or disability – 14.9% of non-voters
  • Lack of interest – 13.4% of non-voters
  • Dislike of the candidates or issues – 12.9% of non-voters
  • Other (non-specified) – 11.3% of non-voters
  • Out of town – 8.8% of non-voters

It’s a bit ironic that “lack of free time” is listed as a reason, since there is plenty of current research to indicate that we have as much free time as ever – but it is true that we make ourselves busier. Additional reasons cited in other studies include the following:

  • Voter apathy caused by negative campaign advertising
  • Reduced overall trust in public figures
  • Loss of “sense of community” caused by factors ranging from television to greater mobility to the Internet

None of these reasons is a positive indication for a system that depends on elected representation. Further analysis indicates that voting actually increases across the US based on two criteria:

  • Age – the older, the more inclined to vote
  • Education level – the more formal education completed, the more inclined to vote

What’s the message here? It’s time to reverse the downward overall trend! FrontPoint encourages you to vote: let your voice be heard – it’s the American way. And by the way, while you are standing in line to pull the levers or punch out the ballot chads, you can rest assured that FrontPoint is on the job, with interactive wireless home security that appeals to all political persuasions. We sincerely hope you will make it your priority to visit your polling place tomorrow – and by the way, here’s a place where you can vote for FrontPoint. When it comes to choosing the best in home security, we’d be more than happy to have your vote!

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