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Home Security Straight from the Street: Drugs, Guns, and Serial Break-ins

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July 5, 2011
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Home Security Straight from the Street: Drugs, Guns, and Serial Break-ins

Residential crime reports continue to make news all across the US, in part because burglars are most active during the summer. Remember, this is when people are traveling more, door and windows are likely left open or unlocked, and we’re generally a little more relaxed about home security. And the common themes that I’ve posted on are even more in evidence: what burglars steal, when they strike, the fact that they keep on stealing until caught – and why they steal. A recent crime report from Bullitt County, Kentucky tells of two burglars with the same motivation: a drug habit that they supported through theft, and long strings of forced entries.


Two arrests in the past week have been linked to dozens of burglaries in several counties. Though the arrests are unrelated, there are several similarities. In broad daylight, while many people are at work, burglars are breaking in and taking things they can sell quickly for cash. And police said the driving force behind the increasing thefts is drugs.

There it is: daylight entry, stealing cash or easily “fenced” items, and supporting a drug habit, all three common themes wrapped into one paragraph.

Homeowner Encounters Burglar

"The homeowner explained he never went home for lunch, but yesterday for some odd reason he went home," said Bullitt County Sheriff's Department Detective Scotty McGaha. Detectives said the man returned to his home in Mount Washington to find someone inside. "He had two of these pillow cases loaded with all these items that are here on these tables and confronted him about it," McGaha said, pointing out items stolen from the victim's home.

I’ve also posted recently on the potential danger of confronting a burglar in your home – and the nasty outcome that can result from such an unplanned meeting. That’s why it just makes sense to have a monitored home alarm – and use it!

What Happened Next

During the confrontation, the burglar ran out, jumped into his SUV and headed toward Shepherdsville. Police used the vehicle description to stop and arrest him. "When they made that traffic stop they got him out at gunpoint, due to the fact that they knew he had a firearm. Once they got him out of there, you can obviously see the items in the photos here are in his vehicle," said McGaha.

But there is more to the story. "This is the tip of the iceberg," McGaha said. The burglar told investigators he has hit at least a dozen homes in the past two weeks, trying to support a drug addiction. Police said they discovered he has sold thousands of dollars in merchandise to area pawn shops in the same time span. "Everything from TVs to X-boxes, to silver, gold even some spoons."

Drugs of Choice

Detectives said it is similar to the weekend arrest of James Underwood -- stealing similar items, with a similar motive across several Kentucky counties. Thought the subjects are unrelated, police said they have an addiction in common. Drug task forces in Kentucky and Indiana are seeing an increase in the abuse of Opana, a pain killer that has replaced Oxycontin among drug abusers.

As we’ve stated many times, the best deterrent to a break-in at your home is a monitored alarm system – especially one with safer cellular monitoring and smarter interactive features. FrontPoint specializes in these systems: as the #1 ranked alarm company in the US, that’s our commitment. And if you’ve been broken into (or someone else in your neighborhood has), the very first thing you should do is add monitored security to your first line of protection. You deserve peace of mind, coming from the knowledge that you’re protecting your home and family. FrontPoint provides the best home security: safer, smarter, simpler, more affordable, and virtually impossible to defeat – choose FrontPoint!


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