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Outdoor Safety Tips for Kids

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July 10, 2015
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Outdoor Safety Tips for Kids

Summer is a time of pure bliss for kids. Three months without school? Yes please!

And with school out, kids now have an endless amount of time for playing, exploring and adventures. But this also means more time to get themselves into trouble.

Before you let your children run loose this summer, remind them the importance of safety as they enjoy the outdoors. Here are a few tips you can share to get you started:

Outdoor Safety Tips

  1. Designate safe play areas. Roads are not safe areas to play in. Also take ages into account – if you have a younger child, it’s best to limit their play area to the front or back yard at first, and to expand the range as they get older.
  2. Never speak to strangers. An obvious tip, but also remember that children shouldn’t open the door for strangers either if they’re home alone.
  3. Never wander off alone. Remind children they should always remain within range of supervision. Older kids hanging out with friends should stay with their group.
  4. Examine the environment and surroundings. Public play areas, like a field or playground, can be dangerous. Carefully inspect these areas for hidden safety hazards, such as broken glass and sharp rocks, before playing in them.
  5. Watch the weather. From bright and sunny to dark thunderstorms, the weather can change in an instant. If your kids are outside when a storm hits, make sure they know to return home or seek other forms of shelter (not under a tree).
  6. Remember to hydrate. Kids are going to sweat. Teach them how important it is to remain hydrated with water, and not sugary drinks.
  7. Apply sunscreen. If your kids are planning on playing outside, make sure they put on sunscreen. And remember that it needs to reapplied often, especially when at the beach or pool, or if they’re sweating.
  8. Wear the proper clothing and equipment. Whatever activity or sport your children are participating in, make sure they’re bringing equipment that will protect them without being a hindrance.
  9. Apply bug spray when necessary. For outdoor adventures, bug spray is a necessity. Bug spray will help minimize the number of painful bug bites and the chance of catching harmful diseases from mosquitoes or ticks. And after spending a day outdoors, always check for ticks!
  10. Never consume anything you find outdoors. Children are curious – sometimes too curious. Let them know that despite what they may have seen on the Discovery Channel, they should not be eating anything they find in the wild.

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