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Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year from Frontpoint Security

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Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year from Frontpoint Security
December 23, 2019

Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year from Frontpoint Security

We’re celebrating 2019 and

the season—and looking forward to a great New Year

In my first blog post as CEO, it’s my pleasure—on behalf of Frontpoint and the hundreds of team members who work every day to keep you and your loved ones safe—to wish you a fantastic Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year!

The holidays are a happy time of year for many people; an opportunity to spend some quality time relaxing with family and friends. And that is as it should be. We're proud to provide smart home security systems that enable you to enjoy this wonderful time of year without worry.

Since coming on board in January of this year, I've been humbled to lead a great organization with great people who are dedicated to making Frontpoint the best it can be. I am so grateful to all of the team members, partners, and relationships we have built that keep Frontpoint families safe.

Looking back on 2019

This past year has been a successful one for Frontpoint, filled with innovation, new customers, and expanded products and services. And we’re only getting started.

We launched a new product lineup that includes the most modern Hub, along with a new Keypad and a Touchscreen to complement it. The touchscreen serves as a convenient, smart remote control that issues commands to all of the features of a Frontpoint security system, as well as any smart home technology that’s integrated with it. This small, tablet-like device gives our customers unparalleled control and awareness of everything in their homes.

Picture of the Frontpoint TouchscreenPicture of the Frontpoint Touchscreen
The new Frontpoint Touchscreen allows our customers to view live video, talk to visitors at the door, program lighting “Scenes” and alarm preferences, arm and disarm the system, and control all smart technology in their homes from a tablet interface.


We have also added a new, better outdoor camera with expanded features. The Frontpoint Outdoor Camera enables our customers to keep an eye on their homes like never before. Specifically designed to record images in low-light conditions, it has a high dynamic range (HDR), a 117° field of view, and an IP66 rating, meaning it is “dust tight” and water-resistant—it will even continue to work if it’s hit with a powerful jet of water.

Picture of the Frontpoint Outdoor CameraPicture of the Frontpoint Outdoor Camera
The new Frontpoint Outdoor Camera has a wider field of view and works even better in low-light conditions.


Our new Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine provides customers with "unexpected activity alerts." The system learns your patterns and behaviors and if something unexpected happens, it will let you know. For example, if your kids usually come home at 4 pm but they don’t on a given day, the system will send you an alert. Or, if you are caring for an aging relative and a sensor on a medicine cabinet isn’t triggered when it’s time to take a scheduled prescription, the AI can identify this break in the pattern and send a notification.

Frontpoint also opened a new sales center in Lehi, Utah to better serve the West Coast. The team members who work there are dedicated to making sure that our customers and prospective customers get customized home security solutions that meet their needs—quickly, reliably, and affordably.

Finally, we launched a new, easy-to-use website that features a detailed knowledge base. This resource answers frequently (and some not-so-frequently) asked questions about our home security systems, and provides easy access to equipment user guides, video tutorials, mobile app guides, and home security basics.

What’s next for Frontpoint

in 2020?

A new year means even more new products, features, and services that make life safer and more convenient:

  • New sensors are coming that provide even greater awareness of what’s happening on your property at all times.
  • Software updates will provide tons of new features and expanded functionality. The possibilities with a smart home are nearly endless—and we’re going to test that theory.
  • Exciting new video products. We’ve introduced a new camera, so we’re going to expand what it can do. New video algorithms and other capabilities will make these smart cameras even smarter.
  • A customer chat feature on our website. Shoppers and current customers will be able to get product information and complete support through this convenient new channel.

Stay safe this season with these helpful guides

Frontpoint is dedicated to safety and security, regardless of whether a solution involves our technology or services. So, we’ve put together a series of seasonal guides that will keep you safe and comfortable over the winter:

Winter Safety Tips for Your Home and Family

This blog details how low temperatures and weather events have an impact on safety in and around the home. It explains commonsense practices that can keep homeowners, renters, and their families secure during the winter months. It’s important to prepare in advance for electrical problems, falling trees, snow-laden rooftops, and icy walkways. And—this is where winter safety and home security meet—it’s important that efforts to stay warm don’t leave you unsafe.

Package Theft Prevention Tips for a Happier Holiday Season

Online shopping has kicked into high gear in December, and all of those gift returns mean it will remain strong as we head into January. Learn how police are using doorbell cameras to catch porch pirates who steal packages delivered to front doors—and how you can use this technology, along with other smart security system features, to prevent this increasingly common type of theft.

Portable Heater Fires: Prevention and Detection

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) warns that space heaters can turn into a potentially deadly hazard, with portable electric space heaters causing two of every five U.S. home heating fires and five out of six home heating fire deaths. In this article, we give readers a list of commonsense practices that might save lives—plus an understanding of how the sensors found in smart home security systems can identify the threat of fire or carbon monoxide buildup.

Picture of family eating dinner at during the holidaysPicture of family eating dinner at during the holidays

Stay safe and secure over

the holidays—and have a wonderful New Year

I am incredibly grateful for Frontpoint’s customers, team members, and partners—and I hope that you all have a joyous holiday season and a healthy, happy 2020. We are dedicated to making home security convenient, affordable, and reliable, so security worries are the last thing on your mind as you relax and enjoy this time of year with friends and family.

If you have any questions about Frontpoint’s products or services or you’d simply like to get in touch, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-877-602-5276.

And be sure to bookmark the Frontpoint blog for more safety tips, updates on new home security technology, and more as we move into the new year!

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