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Stupidest Burglar Stories – Perp on the Way to Commit Next Burglary Pocket-Dials 911

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August 19, 2011
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Stupidest Burglar Stories – Perp on the Way to Commit Next Burglary Pocket-Dials 911

I like to remind my kids that when I was their age, we didn’t have ATM’s, CD’s, iPods or iPads, cell phones, or even the Internet. Somehow, we managed to survive! Modern technology has clearly done a lot to make our lives easier, but sometimes that added convenience comes at a price. Today’s post describes a perfect example of the potential pitfalls, as an individual in Upstate New York was tripped up by technology. On his way to commit another burglary, this larcenous lamebrain managed to pocket-dial 911 – and then discuss with his accomplices the crime he was about to commit.

Deputies in Clay, New York got real-time updates about a planned burglary spree when one of three suspects driving through town inadvertently “pocket-dialed” 911 and gave the dispatcher a chance to overhear their conversation.

What is Pocket-Dialing?

For those of you who have not heard of (or experienced!) pocket-dialing, here’s a brief explanation (read more here):

Pocket dialing (also known as pocket-calling) refers to the accidental placement of a phone call while a person's mobile phone in the dialer's pocket or handbag. The recipient of the call typically hears random background noise when they answer the phone. If the caller remains unaware, the recipient will sometimes "overhear" (or record) whatever is happening in the caller's vicinity.

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As the 911 operator listened, the conversation was obvious to the call taker as referring to burglaries. "The conversation within the car was about businesses they were interested in breaking into," says Onondaga County Sgt. John D'Eredita. Sheriff's deputies say the chatter was so specific about the suspects' surroundings in the town of Clay that the suspects unwittingly led deputies right to the suspects’ vehicle.

WSYR TV reports that at one point, as the 911 dispatcher relayed the conversation to deputies, one of the suspects said: "There go the cops now." Sheriff Kevin Walsh says that was enough for a deputy to turn around and stop the car, which allegedly was full of stolen goods. The dispatcher could even hear the officer asking the driver for his license and registration.

That's three more bad guys off the streets, but police have a long way to go. We’ll continue to keep you posted on the crime scene around the US, especially when it comes to important news about residential burglaries. It’s our goal to be your resource for the crime statistics, burglar behaviors, and the latest technologies to thwart intruders – including our very popular Top 10 Home Security Tips. FrontPoint is the only alarm company in the country to use safer cellular monitoring on every system we sell – and charge less for it. But what people really know us for is our smarter Interactive level of monitoring, including video and home automation features. Make sure your home is protected: by FrontPoint, the leader in wireless home security, and the #1 ranked alarm company in the US.

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