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Tips for Keeping Your Belongings Safe While Traveling

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July 21, 2015

Tips for Keeping Your Belongings Safe While Traveling

Going on a trip this summer? Vacations are fantastic (and much-needed), but it doesn’t take much for your relaxing getaway to quickly turn into a headache. And if your luggage goes missing, it can turn into a nightmare.

Say goodbye to rest and relaxation and hello to stress. Losing your belongings or having them stolen can ruin the start or the end of your trip. It’s something we all want to avoid, so what can you do to keep your belongings safe as you travel?

Here are a few tips to help you arrive and return with all your belongings intact.

Always keep your belongings close

Be mindful of your belongings the moment you step into the airport. While waiting to board your plane, don’t leave your items unattended. Also, be wary when going through security checkpoints – hold onto your items until it’s your turn to go through.

Secure your luggage

Always lock your luggage using the built-in lock, luggage lock, or both. Don’t forget to also secure your everyday items, such as your phone and wallet. Keep those in your pockets or bury them deep inside your carry-on bag.

Place your carry-on bag in the overhead compart across from you

Placing your carry-on bag directly above can block your view of your luggage. Instead, place it in the overhead compartment across the aisle to give you a direct view of your belongings.

Be the first to the baggage claim

Navigating the baggage carousel can be a bit of a hassle and there’s always a chance somebody will take your bag by mistake – or on purpose. Be one of the first to the baggage claim area to reduce the risk of your luggage going missing. It’s not a good idea to rely on airport staff to match tags with baggage, as not all airports follow this procedure.

Lock your valuables in safe

It’s not ideal to leave your valuables lying around your hotel room while you’re out and about. If you’re hotel provides a safe, use it! If not, do your best to keep your valuables hidden or take them with you.

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July 15, 2016
One can also use this anti theft device called smart unit as mentioned here > This device once placed inside your baggage will track your baggage in real time in your smartphone within the 30m bluetooth range. It will send alert messages once out of 30m range and also it can locate your baggage on the map in the app in the smartphone in case your baggage is stolen or lost in transition.
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