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Safety Tips for Hosting Summer Gatherings

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July 26, 2022

Safety Tips for Hosting Summer Gatherings

This summer, hosting a party or small gathering doesn't have to be stressful. While providing your guests with an amazing experience should be a priority, their safety should also be on your radar. While planning, consider taking a few extra measures to keep you and your guests safe.  

Host outside functions while taking fire safety precautions 

Barbeques and late-night bonfires are popular during the summer and major holidays. Keep these safety tips in mind while grilling:  

  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy just in case the flames get out of hand. The last thing you want during a celebration is a fire to break out.   
  • Never leave the grill unattended. This is a great way to avoid having a grill fire. Have a friend or family member nearby that will be able to watch the food while you go on breaks or tend to other matters inside the home.   
  • Use extra precautions when using gas or charcoal grills. If you have a gas grill, beGas grill safety is extremely important. Be sure to check for hose leaks or any damage to the grill. For those with charcoal grills, be mindful only to use a charcoal starter fluid and never add additional starter fluid to a grill that is already lit.   

Firepits are a great feature, especially when you have guests over frequently. Be mindful that open flames can be an added risk to your guests. Always keep small children, pets, and flammable objects a safe distance from firepits. Investing in pits with mesh cages are a sure way to help keep you and your company safe. 

Have adequate lighting for outdoor functions 

When you're entertaining in your backyard or when guests are leaving your house at night, it's important to have proper lighting. Check that all light bulbs are functioning correctly before the event and have a few extra bulbs around just in case. 
Outdoor smart plugs can be super helpful and scheduled through your phone. Turning on and off added lights, like string lights, can easily be controlled from the palm of your hand. You'll have guests thinking you're a tech guru, and it'll save you time and energy.  

Keep it small and intimate 

Hosting smaller gatherings has its perks, and you can effortlessly greet and mingle with everyone. These lesser-scale get-togethers also require less planning and ultimately less money. When it does come down to planning, consider sending online invitations; that way, your guests can inform you how many plus ones' they are bringing to the party. If you'd prefer your friends and family not to bring additional people, this is a great way to add that information to the invitation.  

Keep your home protected with home security 

Whether you plan to have an outdoor BBQ, game night, bonfire, or dinner party, having these security features in your home is a sure way of keeping your guest, family, and belongings safe. 

  • Install a Fronpoint Doorbell Camera to monitor who's at your door. You'll be notified instantly when a visitor shows up on your doorstep and can communicate with them through the Frontpoint app.  
  • Automate your home with Wireless Light Control, so even when you're hosting in the backyard and it starts to get dark, you can turn the lights on through the Frontpoint mobile app. This is also a great way to deter intruders from your house.  
  • Set up outdoor and indoor cameras to keep a close eye on your surrounding property and your belongings. Utilize these cameras to monitor who's coming up to your driveway, patio door, garage, back yard, and much more.  

Be sure to keep these tips in mind when hosting parties and small gatherings this summer. And always remember to have fun and enjoy your company with even more peace of mind.   

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