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Garage Door Security: Protect Your Garage with a Tilt Sensor

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Garage door open at night
By: Editor
July 7, 2021

Garage Door Security: Protect Your Garage with a Tilt Sensor

A smart garage sensor defends one of the most vulnerable areas of your home

Garage door security is essential, given these passageways serve as the entry point for nearly one in 10 burglaries. Often, that's because they've been left open: the average garage door opens and closes more than four times each day, or almost 1,500 times a year. And who hasn’t driven a few blocks away from the house at some point and wondered if they forgot to hit the close button?

A smart garage door sensor catches these mistakes and identifies break-ins immediately. Here’s how garage door tilt sensors work, install easily, and keep your home safer—plus some general tips on securing a garage against intruders.

What a smart garage door sensor does depends on the type of home security system

At its heart, a garage door tilt sensor is a simple device: it senses the angle of an open door and sends a signal. But what happens next hinges on your home security system.

Some sensors just connect to an indoor alarm to scare off intruders and let you know if the door opens when you’re home. More useful garage door sensors are networked to a security system that sends users an alert via text, email, or push notifications. That’s very convenient, but it won’t always help if you’re sleeping or away from your phone.

But a professionally monitored home security system does all of those things and has your back 24/7—security professionals receive instant alerts and, if necessary, call the authorities. Here's how garage door security works with the monitored systems Frontpoint offers:

To let you know when somebody breaks in—or when the door is left open—our devices sense when the door hits an angle greater than 45 degrees. The garage door tilt sensor communicates an “open” signal to your home's control panel via Z-Wave, a secure communications protocol that allows devices to “speak” to each other through encrypted radio waves.

When the security system is armed, the control panel immediately sends you notifications through email, text, and/or the Frontpoint App. You can disarm the system, either remotely or at a keypad, if you want the door open—or if you've just forgotten to close it. The system can also specifically notify you if the door is left open longer than usual.

If your garage door is open, your smartphone and the Frontpoint App will let you know.

If it's not a false alarm, here's what comes next:

  • After 30 seconds, an alarm sounds
  • 30 seconds later, the control panel sends an alert to the monitoring facility
  • Monitoring professionals attempt to reach you by phone twice—and call local dispatchers if they can't confirm that the alarm is false

These behaviors are totally customizable. For example, it may be convenient to temporarily disable the sensor or program an initial delay longer than 30 seconds. The Frontpoint Garage Door Sensor can do both—and even be configured to send notifications without triggering the alarm.

The system can also be programmed to control other devices in your home when the sensor detects an open door, such as turning on smart lights.

Installing a plug-and-play garage door sensor is easy

Frontpoint's Garage Door Tilt Sensor is remarkably easy to install. It's totally wireless, with batteries that last three to five years, and mounts with a peel-and-stick adhesive. The sensor arrives configured to work with your system—the control panel immediately recognizes the device once you turn it on.

The Frontpoint Garage Door Tilt Sensor packs powerful protection against intrusion into device less than 3-1/2" tall.

This garage door security device installs in just seconds: stick it to the door and turn it on by removing the battery tab and cover. You'll want to keep a few things in mind, though. First, it's best placed on the top panel of the door (or the center one, if necessary). Place it upright, as in the picture above, on a clean surface. And locate it away from materials that cause interference, like large quantities of metal or electrical wire.   

Also, be sure to:

  • Place the garage door tilt sensor and your control panel no more than 100 feet apart.
  • Give the adhesive a chance to stick by pressing firmly on the sensor. Ten seconds should do the trick.
  • Conduct a test after mounting it. Turn on your control panel's audible alarm (chime). Then, slowly open and close the door three times, waiting five seconds between open and close to hear your alarm. If it works each time, you're good to go; if not, we'll help you get it right.

Garage door security tips to maximize protection

Garage door sensors help secure the biggest entrance to your home. But there are other precautions you can take against garage break-ins, including:

  • Reinforcing any garage-door glass with vinyl adhesive
  • "Frosting" windows to make the contents of your garage less visible
  • Securing the door with a padlock when on vacation, or choosing a model with an electric lock
  • Locking up any tools in your garage that criminals might use to enter the house
  • Changing security codes and remote-control frequencies (particularly after moving into a previously owned home)
  • Avoid leaving a garage door opener clipped to your car’s visor—criminals may steal it!

Remember: Most garages have multiple points of entry. Windows can be protected with devices that sense when glass breaks. You can secure smaller side doors with intrusion sensors and smart locks. And a motion-activated, night-vision camera helps you quickly assess threats.  

Frontpoint makes it easy to take a comprehensive approach to DIY home security. And because we use Z-Wave technology, you can control a vast array of smart devices—security-related or not—through a single hub and app.  

With Z-Wave integration, you can turn lights on or off, activate smart locks, or set the thermostat—the possibilities are endless. To learn more, take a look at our home security packages or explore our extensive collection of DIY-ready home security products.

Frontpoint's smart technology puts commercial-grade security in the hands of homeowners and renters. For questions about our installer-free approach to home and garage door security, or for a quote, contact us at 1-877-602-5276.

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