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More Warnings on Confronting Burglars: One Homeowner Stabbed, but Others Safe after Dialing 911

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June 29, 2012
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More Warnings on Confronting Burglars: One Homeowner Stabbed, but Others Safe after Dialing 911

Every police department in the US agrees on this important advice: do not, under any circumstances, confront a burglar in your home. The big problem is that you don’t always know that an intruder is in your home when you walk through the door – especially if you have no alarm system to alert police, and scare the burglar off. It’s a dangerous situation when you enter your home thinking all is well, and encounter someone in the act of stealing your cash, jewelry, or electronics. When you have no warning, as happened in this story from San Antonio, TX, the results can be frightening.

A man walked in on a burglary early Monday morning at his Northwest Side apartment and ended up in the hospital with a stab wound. Police said the victim was in the process of moving out of his apartment when he saw two men inside the unit trying to steal what was left of his belongings. One of the men grabbed the homeowner and held him down while the other stabbed him in the side, police said. The victim was taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center, with a four-inch gash on the left side of his body, police said. He is expected to recover. Police said there wasn't much left in the apartment, but the suspects did get away with the victim's wallet.

From Kentucky, a Safer Resolution

Stanley Sobotka was coming home from work early this morning when he noticed two men inside his trailer. "He saw flash lights and realized immediately someone was inside his property" explains Jessamine County [Kentucky] Sheriff's Deputy Anthony Purcell. "Instead of confronting them he called us immediately, which was a good thing since once of the men was armed."  Once deputies arrived they surrounded the trailer and waited until the suspects tried to leave. There was a brief struggle, but Sheriff’s Deputies were able to arrest the two men, Willam Cunliffe and David Smallwood. "Yes, if he confronted them you never know what the outcome would have been. These people are in a desperate situation, and with a weapon in play things could have turned out a lot differently. He did the right thing by calling 9-11."

A Mixed Outcome in South Carolina

Sumter police say two men broke into another man's home and the homeowner walked in on them. It happened in the Idlewild subdivision. The man says he came home and saw a suspicious car in the driveway. Before he could call 9-1-1, he was in the middle of a crime. The man said he checked the car out and took the keys. Then he walked up to his door and realized what was going on. The victim pulled out his cell phone and called 911, then realized he had been spotted. Investigators said the two burglars forced the man back to his residence at gunpoint and made him give up the keys to their vehicle. Police identified the subjects as Reco Godbolt and Jamal Helton. Officers, who heard the 911 call, confronted the men as they were trying to drive away.

In all three of these situations – and I could cite thousands more from daily crime reports – there was no alarm system in the home of the victim. In fact, only about 20% of US homes do have a monitored alarm system that can trigger a police dispatch. Imagine how much safer you would feel when entering your home at any time of day or night, without worrying about who might be there. And with interactive monitoring services, such as those offered by FrontPoint, you can receive a text or email any time a door opens, telling you which door. That’s the kind of protection more people are looking for, as home intrusion statistics continue to get worse across much of the US.

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